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AGEFI is the leading media group for the animation of finance communities in France. More than 100 employees work there to offer finance professionals the best information and the best service. Since September 11, 2019, AGEFI has been 100% owned by Bey Media (BMPI), a group led by Nicolas Beytout.

📺 Here is the link to the short interview (6 min) and the article L'AGEFI de Michel KHAZZAKA fondateur de Valuechain

📃 Here's the link to the white paper Bitcoin: Cryptopayments Energy Efficiency

"Michel Khazzaka, founder of Valuechain, defends Bitcoin against attacks criticizing its energy efficiency. According to him, banks should not fight against the blockchain but learn to use it.

The blockchain is not the only one to have to work on its energy efficiency. If many believe that the traditional financial system and Bitcoin cannot be compared, Michel Khazzaka, founder of Valuechain, takes the plunge and believes that the traditional banking system is, in some respects, more energy-intensive than crypto. But, through these remarks which may seem provocative, the professional advocates the use of blockchain by banks. Still according to him, this would allow them, for example, to manage to pass most of the transactions they operate today in instant payment, which is not possible today."

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