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Updated: Feb 6

🚀 Special Edition on #Bitcoin from École Polytechnique featuring my article "#Cryptocurrencies and #Payments: Adoption and Coexistence with Fiat Currency"

⚡️ I delve into the adoption and strong growth of #cryptopayments worldwide at > 170% per year and the urgency for French banks to adapt.

We are heading towards a world where traditional currency will coexist with cryptocurrencies in their various forms, and conventional payments will be supplemented by a parallel cryptocurrency payment channel, with regulated bridges facilitating exchanges between these two worlds, all within a backdrop of Web3 and artificial intelligence.

The consequences of these changes will include a significant reduction in payment fraud rates, an increase in choices for both payers and merchants, and a decrease in excessively high fees, particularly for online and cross-border payments. However, the magnitude of this change will require all stakeholders in the payment value chain to reposition themselves, lest they become obsolete.

The battle for the future of cryptocurrency payments has begun, and given that the question lies at the intersection of cryptocurrencies, smartphones, banking, payments, commerce, and privacy, the stakes are very high.

📰 Articles written alongside Pierre Noizat Yorick de Mombynes Yves Choueifaty Bastien Teinturier Jean Tirole (Nobel Prize Winner in Economics) Jad Comair François Villeroy de Galhau Governor of Banque de France with Alex Stervinou

👉🏻 Link to the article #Cryptopayments - La Jaune et la Rouge

link for the full edition

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