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Michel’s Expertise on Bitcoin and Payment Systems

Interview with HowToBitcoin - 2024-06-05 (Recorded at the Sorbonne in March 2024)

Oppressive banking practices have fostered hatred in Europe, leading to atrocities. Addressing usury and inflation is crucial for the economy. The religious origins of blockchain are discussed, as well as the emergence of Bitcoin to address the shortcomings of the financial system.

The interview covers inflation, money creation, and the importance of Bitcoin. Michel, an expert in payment systems, contributed to a report on Bitcoin’s energy efficiency. They discuss the origins of Bitcoin, characterizing it as a discovery, an evolution, and an invention.

Next, they debate usury, highlighting its role in ancient civilizations and its current impact. The interview underscores the importance of interest rates in the economy, linking inflation to usury and mentioning Jesus’s use of parables about money and usury.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of ethics in financial practices and the role of bankers as partners sharing risks with borrowers. The exchange addresses usury in the banking context, emphasizing the importance of joint commitment in projects to avoid inflation. It highlights the excesses of bankers in money issuance and the need for regulation by central banks, referencing religious and historical contexts.

The speaker discusses the financial system and modern-day slavery related to usury, stressing the need to work towards fair transactions and criticizing the power of banks and central banks. He also mentions the emergence of Bitcoin as a potential counterbalance, highlighting the legal and power issues in the financial system.

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